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The Wirtgen Group, which will have about 120 exhibits and 13000 m exhibition space at the BMW exhibition, this year, the group's slogan will be intelligent synergy and innovation. 

The company said its booth would showcase compatible product solutions and applications that would enable customers to meet the challenges of road construction in a low-cost manner while producing high-quality results. 

Bauma will be Wirtgen Group's first joint exhibition with John Deere (John Deere) in a booth. Deere bought Wirtgen in 2017. 

Innovative technologies and smart solutions are features of its specialty product brands Wirtgen, Vogele, Hamm, Kleemann and Benninghoven, the company said. 

Wirtgen says it will showcase world-class products and innovations in all product areas-demonstrating cost-effective high-end solutions for cold grinding, cold recycling, soil stability, concrete paving and surface mining. 

The Wirtgen brand itself has developed a high-performance W380 CRi cold recycler, which will be shown to the world at Bauma. 

The existing working widths are 3200, 3500 and 3800 mm, and in most applications, the road depth of the recycling mill is between 100mm and 300mm. At the same time, the material is granulated by adding binders, such as cement, asphalt emulsion or foamed asphalt, and transformed into a new and uniform material mixture. 

If the news that rubber made from recycled tires can be used in asphalt mixture sounds familiar, it's because it's not news at all. 

For years, waste tires have been processed into asphalt additives, in fact as early as the mid-1990s. California is considered the first state to approve the use of the technology; since then, rubber asphalt has been widely used not only in the United States, but also in South Africa, China and Malaysia. 

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But Tarmac announced in June that it had become the first UK supplier to use recycled tyres to produce rubber asphalt, which is still seen as an important step forward as rubber asphalt has so far failed to catch on in the UK. 

Brian Kent (Brian Kent), director of technology at Tarmac, explained: "there are three main reasons for the UK's delay in adopting this technology, which are awareness, availability and economic benefits." 

For some reason, Kent argues, Britons are simply not fully aware of the scale of tire waste or the possibility of recycling it. As a result, low demand means that most waste tyres are exported. 

Cost is another factor, says Mr Kent. It's a very expensive process that requires millions of pounds of equipment to cut rubber into asphalt. " 

With the construction of the Tirinyi- Nakalama-mbale road, there are many exciting things in eastern Uganda. This enthusiasm is partly due to the speed of road construction.The project was carried out by Dott services Ltd, a locally registered company. 

The total length of the road under construction is 99.9 kilometers. The contract lasts for 25 months, but in seven months, 32km has been upgraded to asphalt, representing 30 per cent of the work. 
The residents were pleased because they feared that the outbreak of contract problems between the owners and contractors would prevent the road from being completed on time. 

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"We are very excited. The project is going well.If the project goes ahead at this rate, we will be plain sailing next year. "We are satisfied with the speed of construction," said James, a businessman along the road. We maintain a friendly working relationship with the contractor. Road activities have also raised the incomes of locals, he said. "since the beginning of this project, my sales have improved by leaps and bounds," he said. " 

"thousands of local unemployed people have been absorbed by the program, which has increased the income of the community." 

The cold recovery machine has a mixing capacity of up to 800t / h and can transport large quantities of recycled materials to the Vogele paver through its rear rotatable installation and height adjustable unloading conveyor. This makes it possible to complete an extremely long road in a day's work, the company said. 

Vogele will launch its new flagship, Super 3000-3i, thanks to its SB 350 fixed width gravel that can be paved up to 18 meters wide. It will also showcase pavers from the new classic production line and innovations in WITOS paving process management solutions. 

Hamm is demonstrating what it calls a "compacted future", including the HP series of new tire rollers, its "revolutionary" split vibrating drums, and many new products for asphalt and earthwork.

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