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Asphalt factory manufacturers have introduced a range of new technologies and systems that will help provide customers with greater cost-effectiveness. For example, new factories can now use more recycled asphalt pavement (RAP), or provide more convenient transportation. 

Important progress has also been made in the treatment of materials used in asphalt production. 

Amman claims that its new RSS 120m RAP recycler provides high quality output.Ferdinando Dale Otto (ferdinand ando Dell'orto), global strategy manager, said shredders "do not tear up materials like other recycling machines." 

The machine can produce up to 120 tons per hour using ground cuttings feed or 80 tons per hour using rap board form. Weighing 35.5 tons, 13 meters long and 2.5 meters wide, the machine is said to be easy to transport and can be quickly put into use at the scene. 

The machine provides high quality major shredders, which are characterized by a reverse rotation speed of only 10 revolutions per minute. "you have to maintain the particle structure of the asphalt coating, but you can't produce fine particles," explains Dale Otto. " 

At this rate, rap music can be broken down, but not broken stones or fines, he said. In addition, the asphalt coating around each aggregate is still intact. The magnetic separator separates unstable iron or steel from the conveyor belt. Dale Otto says users can choose the grid size on the screen according to their needs, and the machine can produce two different feed sizes. The ultra-fine material can be directly fed into the secondary crusher and recycled into the material, and can also be used as a secondary base material. The machine is said to be cost-effective and productive, Dell Otto added. "the return on investment is very short." 

Hot Mix Plant

hot rap asphalt mixing plant Price

The power comes from the FPT diesel engine of 256kW, which drives the generator to power the motor. Options include installing weighing sensors on output conveyor belts that allow users to collate material flow data for use in Amman telematics. 

At the same time, E-Mak 's aggregate plant takes the rock from the quarry, crushes it, classifies the material by size and delivers it according to the quantity required. It is called million tons and can be used in aggregate production and cold mix production. 

But this new approach requires a lot of research and development work, Fellini said. "it's such a difficult project that we can't develop it on our own." 

As a result, the University of Bologna has also assisted in development efforts with the input of a number of independent companies and regional governments. Due to this fundamental change in design, a large number of simulations have been carried out. These simulations help understand the behavior of materials in rollers. "We use software to shorten the time to market," Fellini said. " 

In order to optimize the material flow and ensure the most effective heat distribution of the material, the flight position and interval inside the aggregate drum and the RAP drum are simulated. Sensors have also been installed in different positions between rollers, heat transfer systems, mixers and cloth bags to monitor temperatures throughout the operation of the plant. The University of Bologna has also helped conduct research on flight positioning and to assess the temperature recorded by sensors in the plant. 

Existing towing conveyors can transport mixed asphalt to shafts, where the temperature of the asphalt is maintained until it is discharged.Each silo produced by ADM is designed with heavy steel structure and continuously welded throughout the silo. All crank aggregate silos are equipped with a closed batching machine with double gates, greatly reducing the risk of product separation and tapering. All models contain safety features and double insulation, as well as alerts to operators when the asphalt content is high. 

Recycle Hot Mixing Plan

China hot sale asphalt mixing plant

The silo cone is double welded with the silo cylinder, and the silo cylinder extends through the cone and is heated by the pressure test hot tubing. Asphalt manufacturers can also choose an electric heating system to maintain the temperature of the asphalt. 

Manufacturers can equip silos with low material signal alarms and independent remote liquid level monitors and monitors, as well as optional remote position lubrication systems and AR or ceramic conical bushings as well as towed conveyor floor bushings. 

The ADM loader works with the truck scale, the weighing and dispensing machine or the reverse weighing system. Operators use loadout computers to access truck load data, operation files, shaft inventory, and so on. 

The EX series uses portable and fixed modes to comply with federal and state specifications and functional technologies to ensure that the output meets the necessary specifications.Advanced equipment control is said to be simple to use, the EX series can be controlled by an operator, and the material feed is provided by the loader operator. 

We provide a variety of spare parts so that customers can choose the right factory according to their requirements.

Asphalt Hot Recycling Mixing Plant

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