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We do not deny that India has not built infrastructure. Although it is getting late, it is happening slowly and steadily. But what most city people want to know is: where exactly do these roads and highways come from?Consider Mumbai alone. Traveling four kilometers to any place is not without potholes. The same is true of Bangalore and Chennai. Delhi, however, cannot say so. The city has an advantage in infrastructure construction. It hosted the Commonwealth Games a few years ago, and unlike other countries, there is little extra land to accommodate such a general atmosphere of friendship. 
Construction Weekly interviewed equipment manufacturers that offer high-end technology to try to understand what they offer and why they are not deployed as often as citizens want them to be. 

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Roads, ports and power projects account for the vast majority of the budget allocation for infrastructure construction. Despite these allocations (which are increasing every year), the corresponding work carried out by these sectors seems frustrating. Compared with other countries, India continues to lag behind in development, taking into account their small size and the fact that India did not become independent for many years, so it has built an amazing infrastructure. 

In fact, it is difficult to find out the root cause of this attitude. But most contractors and road-building equipment makers prefer to forget about it and focus on the moment. 

The construction of rural and urban roads is a priority for the Government. Although there are many road construction machinery, they are better suited to the needs of large companies engaged in large long-term projects. When it comes to small and medium-sized enterprises, large machines are not only expensive, but also not suitable for the small scale of much of rural India and the projects at hand. 

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Sales stationary asphalt batching plant

Speaking of how his company handles providing some of the most demanding equipment contracting companies, Ramesh Palagiri, MD & CEO Wirtgen India, said,"although the use of advanced road construction machines plays a vital role-whether from asphalt or concrete-what is more important is the production of two kinds of pavement structures, which begin with a stable foundation layer. All the way to the exact planation surface. Wirtgen can be used not only for concrete pavement but also for asphalt pavement. In the area of road repair, we have all the equipment to build concrete roads and asphalt roads on pavements. " 

Recently, Wirtgen announced the launch of five products in India: W195 large milling machine, W50H, W55H, W120R small milling machine and sp62 sliding form paving machine. 

VOGELE shows off the new Super 1400 and Super 1403-the real all-Indian road paver, with a paving width of 7.3 meters, while Hamm shows off its compactor 3520, compactor 311D and additional power drum compactor 311D. In addition, Kleemann demonstrated three products from the EVO series: the mobile jaw crusher MOBICAT MC 110Z EVO, the mobile cone crusher MOBICONE MCO 9 EVO and the mobile sieve factory MOBISCREEN MS 703 EVO. 

The 157-mile route connects Chicago in the west and the Ohio Highway in the east. The $220 million 80-90 road upgrade, funded by (ITRCC), an Indiana toll road concessionaire, is the largest investment in toll roads since it opened to traffic in 1956. 

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stationary asphalt mixing plant Factory

Headquartered in riethi-riley Construction Co. Inc., Indiana. Led the design-construction team. Reese-Riley has established a long-term relationship with the toll road, including preliminary construction work in 1954. 

The design and construction team, ITR pioneer, which signed the contract in February 2016 and completed it in November 2017, worked with ITRCC to develop a work schedule for the rapid and efficient completion of the 8090 project. At the same time, the impact on toll road customers is minimized, especially during heavy traffic periods. One of Reese-Riley's strengths in meeting the acceleration of the project is that it has five fixed asphalt plants, toll roads and a project-specific portable factory within 70 miles of each other. 

"these factories are evenly distributed in the corridors, allowing us to reduce transportation time, produce high-quality, consistent materials, and reduce the impact of building traffic on public transport," said Jacob Kwilasz, project manager at riethi-riley. And provides more logistics options. " 

The pioneers of ITR wanted to provide an asphalt coating that would provide a smooth, durable driving surface during the design life of the coating, if not more. In order to achieve this goal, riethi-riley carried out several iterations of asphalt mixture design to obtain customized aggregate gradation,

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