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Using stable full-depth backfilling (SFDR) technology, road builders mix the old pavement (hot mix or asphalt pavement) and on-site base aggregate with asphalt pulverization, and build a thick partially bonded base layer on the basis of the remaining aggregate of the original roadbed.This process eliminates the cost of removing old roads and bringing in new and expensive aggregates, which are limited in supply. 

Cracks and other damage to old pavements are usually reflected in new asphalt and concrete coverings. On the other hand, SFDR roads tend to avoid reflection cracks while meeting the growing load demand, and aging road systems are reducing the funding environment. 

In order to make roads stronger and more resistant to heavy load damage, most repair methods require thicker and wider roads.SFDR may provide a way to build stronger roads without widening roads, transporting old materials from the road site, or transporting new aggregates to the site. 

In 2016, SFDR's performance requirements enabled MnDOT and the local road research committee (LRRB) to evaluate SFDR mixtures by establishing test, modeling and analysis methods, bringing them closer to the design standards of the technology. Minnesota designers lack a way to rate SFDR design structural design to quantify how the mixture will meet the needs of the new road. Before adding the overlay, it is still impossible to quantify how much strength can be obtained by adding stabilizer and paving the recycled pavement into a thick asphalt pavement base. 

Most alternative roads need to bear a heavier commercial and agricultural burden than the original roads. The researchers tried to determine the structural value of SFDR in mixtures using various stabilizers to help designers better adapt to SFDR repair and increase load requirements. 

The aggregate industry has launched a series of new acid-resistant asphalts designed specifically for harsh chemical environments in agriculture and other difficult industries. 

The super-protection range includes super-protection device and super-protection material, which is a kind of hot rolled asphalt pavement. This unique material is made of high-quality adhesives and hard rock aggregates and consists of a low-void, high-density mixture. It is specially designed to ensure that chemicals common in farm and anaerobic plants-especially acids-do not easily penetrate into asphalt and destabilize mixtures. 

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As a result, extremely durable asphalt is considered to be ideal for use in an environment that is constantly exposed to active chemical attacks. This includes silage clips, silage floors, anaerobic digesters, livestock housing (such as cowshed beds), animal feed storage areas, farm tracks and access roads, and all areas exposed to acidic liquids and other wastes. 

Compared with the standard asphalt material, Super Protect also has excellent impermeability and prevents the degradation caused by the entry of water and chemicals. 
In addition, super protection provides improved compaction and bonding, which can also be laid on a suitable adhesive layer or as a cover on the surface of existing concrete. 

It is hoped that the testing of a new type of asphalt mixture, Plas mixture, will provide a solution for the thousands of tons of plastic grades (grades 3 to 7) that New Zealand collects each year that are difficult to recycle. 

David Langford, infrastructure manager at the New Plymouth Regional Council, said he found himself dealing with about 200 tons of unwanted plastic waste a year and began looking for solutions. 

"usually, we ship plastics overseas, such as China or Thailand, but because they no longer accept recycled plastics in the world, we have to innovate and look for new solutions." 

"We incorporated the plastic into our asphalt pavement and paved it on the ground, so the road I'm taking is made of plastic collected by the side of the road." 

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Langford says Plas's hybrid products are not expensive, which is a victory for the committee and the environment. 

"if we send waste to places like China or Thailand, we have to walk 10,000 kilometers to recycle it. At Liardet St, it is only 10-15 kilometers from the side of the road to the asphalt plant, and then here, it is the final destination. 

In the past, mortar was widely used in construction, and concrete is the main ingredient today. The main difference between mortar and concrete is that the latter is stronger than the former. Concrete is a mixture of sand (fine aggregate), cement, gravel or gravel (coarse aggregate) and water.Mortar, on the other hand, uses sand as the only aggregate. 

Why is concrete so important in modern architecture? 
When you walk on the road, you can see concrete everywhere. It is used to build huge buildings, bridges, roads, sidewalks, floors and everything we can see with the naked eye.

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