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In April, the latest invention from E-Mak, a maker of E-Mak asphalt and aggregate plants, was unveiled at the Munich bauma 2019 Convention and Exhibition Center. The giant plant, known as the "world's first aggregate factory", uses no less than 70 trucks from E-Mak 's Turkish headquarters. 

Although E-Mak has a relatively small share of the asphalt plant market, its demonstration of strength shows that it has financial support from the much larger Simg Group (Simge Group), which is part of the Simg Group. Onur Reitogill, brand and marketing manager, said. 

"We have the financial support of large companies, but we also have the flexibility of small companies," says Mr Regill. "We are not a large company with a long response time.We can solve the problem quickly. It's easy to find us. " 

Projects like million tons show that E-Mak still retains the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit of Mehmet Nezir Gencer, its founder and chairman of the Simge Group. 

Gencer founded E-Mak in 1992. Initially, its role was to provide machinery and equipment for the Simg Group, and the first Simg Construction Company began operations in 1977. Later, E-Mak began supplying equipment to other companies, mainly equipment related to asphalt plants. 

Today, Emyko operates in Europe, Central Asia, North Africa and the Middle East. Regill said there is good demand from the Baltic states as well as Kazakhstan and Saudi Arabia. But he added that the market had been changing due to economic and political factors, which meant that companies such as E-Mak had to be able to adjust and adapt. 

Recycled Asphalt Road Machine

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Asphalt mixing equipment is a machine composed of a group of electronic gears and mechanical gears in which hot mix asphalt is produced. There are three main types of asphalt mixture: intermittent mixture, drum mixture and continuous mixture. The raw materials of asphalt mixture plant are mainly iron and steel. Over the past few years, the infrastructure and construction industries have witnessed rapid growth, which has fuelled demand for asphalt mixture plants. The global asphalt mixture market is driven by fluctuations in the infrastructure industry, which is the main market for asphalt mixtures. 

The study, entitled "Global Asphalt mixture Market", provides an in-depth analysis of the global asphalt mixture market. The purpose of this study is to provide current and potential market participants with keen insight to gain an advantage over their competitors. The report provides an executive summary of all valuable market data and explores the favourable factors that are expected to drive market growth taking into account constraints. 

This report begins with a brief introduction and market profile, which first defines the asphalt mixture plant industry and then estimates its market scope and size. Next, the report details the market scope and market size estimates. Then there is an overview of market segmentation, such as types, applications, and regions. The drivers, limitations and opportunities of the asphalt mixture industry are listed, followed by industry news and policies. 

The report uses charts to analyze the growth rates of various sectors. In addition, the report also analyzes markets in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America. The report shows growth trends and future opportunities in each region. 

Mobile Asphalt Batch Mixing Plan

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It is hoped that the testing of a new type of asphalt mixture, Plas mixture, will provide a solution for the thousands of tons of plastic grades (grades 3 to 7) that New Zealand collects each year that are difficult to recycle. 

David Langford, infrastructure manager at the New Plymouth Regional Council, said he found himself dealing with about 200 tons of unwanted plastic waste a year and began looking for solutions. 

"usually, we ship plastics overseas, such as China or Thailand, but because they no longer accept recycled plastics in the world, we have to innovate and look for new solutions." 

"We incorporated the plastic into our asphalt pavement and paved it on the ground, so the road I'm taking is made of plastic collected by the side of the road." 

Langford says Plas's hybrid products are not expensive, which is a victory for the committee and the environment. 

"if we send waste to places like China or Thailand, we have to walk 10,000 kilometers to recycle it. At Liardet St, it is only 10-15 kilometers from the side of the road to the asphalt plant, and then here, it is the final destination. 

At the request of the Pittsburgh County Council, substantial progress has been made in the new asphalt plant under construction. 

A towering silo with a closed conveyor belt, a bag warehouse for filtering dust and other manufacturing by-products, and a mixing cylinder are large equipment that has been installed at the factory operating site. 

Asphalt Batch Mix Plant

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