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Macr opened new plants in Lockerbie (Lockerbie), Dunfries (Dumfries) and Galloway (Galloway) on Tuesday, creating 12 jobs. 

The method used by the company is to granulate the waste, mix it with the catalyst developed by the company, and then distribute it to the asphalt manufacturer. 

It is hoped that this idea will be promoted elsewhere and contribute to solving the global problem of marine pollution. 

Toby McCartney, chief executive of the company, said: "the opening of our first factory is an important milestone in our mission to address both plastic waste and potholed roads. 

"our technology means that we can not only help solve the plastic waste problem, but also create roads that can better respond to weather changes and reduce cracks and potholes." 

"this is because our roads are more flexible, thanks to the properties of the plastics they use. So while macr Highway looks no different from other roads, it improves strength and durability. " 

"our technology also means that this mixture does not contain plastic beads, and we can even recycle it at the end of the road life, creating a sustainable, cost-effective circular economy." 

Simon Hesp (Simon Hesp), a Dutch-born polymer chemist and professor, concludes: "garbage in, garbage out." He believes that the increasing practice of mixing cheap oil additives into roads is the root cause of premature cracking, potholes and, ultimately, early road failures throughout the province. 

Hesp, who has been working on asphalt scientific analysis laboratories in Kingston for 25 years, said that the lowest-cost bidding contracts for city road selection should not always expect the best results on a long-term basis. And parliament need to get into their asphalt cement quickly. 

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"five years is a long time for a municipality.Politicians don't think too far. But for road managers, it will catch up with them because everything looks like garbage. " 

In his Queen's Asphalt Laboratory, zinc and other metals can be detected in road samples, indicating the presence of used oil. 

"We found oil in about 50% of the asphalt cement in Ontario, which is the cause of a lot of failures. Its life cycle can be as long as five to 10 years. " 

He points out that suppliers in Ontario have added 10% to 20% of waste oil residue to asphalt cement. 

The company, called RKC Infrabuilt, is headquartered in Ahmedabad, India. The machine can use recycled asphalt (RAP) instead of fresh aggregate, which is the key to cost savings. In addition, Aba single batch plants can also maintain high mixing quality and reuse RAP. 

"this plant provides excellent asphalt mixture," said Sithhart Shah (Siddharth Shah), director of RKC Infrabuilt. " "this bucket is also suitable for recycled asphalt. These are the reasons why we are attracted to buy this plant. The efficiency of the factory has helped to reduce the cost of producing materials, he added. 

A specific and important factor in RKC's selection of ABA batches is the ability of the factory to add hot and cold cycling materials.There is a growing demand for RAP in India, so this plant is very suitable for the Indian market. Although the plant was built for India, a particular market, it also took advantage of European technology. 

The plant can also use foam generators to produce asphalt at lower temperatures. This cryogenic asphalt has the same quality as the traditional mixture, but requires less fuel to produce. Emissions are also lower, and pavers work more comfortably and mix with lower temperatures. 

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The intuitive features of Amman's proprietary as1 control system make it possible to produce all hybrid products, Shah said. "it gives you a comprehensive understanding of the whole factory." 

Shah is also pleased that ABA UniBatch has reached the expected level of production, as some competitors claim. RKC needs high production in some of the most recent large road construction projects. "the plant produced 130000 tons in less than 100 days," Shah said. 

Martinho Fernandez (Martinho Fernandes), business manager at Amman and Apollo Indian plants, evaluated many factories in India and around the world. He is often able to put hard numbers on efficiency and ultimately save costs by providing ABA in a single batch plant. 

Chevron South Africa company (Chevron South Africa), which sells its fuel under the Caltex brand, has launched a new Enterprise and supplier Development Program (E&SD) aimed at improving the way black businesses enter their value chains. The plan is open to 51% of black-owned businesses that can continue and sustain growth by adding value to Chevron's value chain. 

One of the main features of the programme is active participation in petrochemical operations through the provision of interest-free unsecured financing. The money could be used for working capital and expansion as part of a continuing business relationship with Chevron.

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