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The US-based Asphalt Drum Mixer Company is upgrading existing plants in the form of cranes and self-built asphalt storage silos. These can be used in the company's own factory, can also be used in competitive factories, and there are a variety of configurations. These range from a single self-assembled silo to multiple sleeves of drill silos and several drives through configuration, with capacities ranging from 27 to 270 tons. 

Existing towing conveyors can transport mixed asphalt to shafts, where the temperature of the asphalt is maintained until it is discharged.Each silo produced by ADM is designed with heavy steel structure and continuously welded throughout the silo. All crank aggregate silos are equipped with a closed batching machine with double gates, greatly reducing the risk of product separation and tapering. All models contain safety features and double insulation, as well as alerts to operators when the asphalt content is high. 

The silo cone is double welded with the silo cylinder, and the silo cylinder extends through the cone and is heated by the pressure test hot tubing. Asphalt manufacturers can also choose an electric heating system to maintain the temperature of the asphalt. 

Manufacturers can equip silos with low material signal alarms and independent remote liquid level monitors and monitors, as well as optional remote position lubrication systems and AR or ceramic conical bushings as well as towed conveyor floor bushings. 

The ADM loader works with the truck scale, the weighing and dispensing machine or the reverse weighing system. Operators use loadout computers to access truck load data, operation files, shaft inventory, and so on. 

The crane unit model is located at one end of the silo capacity, and some of these units can choose the mode of transportation. The manufacturer transports the crane set portable silo using built-in gooseneck with fifth wheel main pin knot and biaxial air suspension. 

Self-built silos are suitable for smaller capacity. The self-rack silo is lifted by a heavy cable connecting the silo and dragging the conveyor. The traction conveyor is lifted by hydraulic cylinder system. 

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asphalt batch mix plant supplier Price

The manufacturer used a gooseneck trailer with a five-wheeled pin bolt to transport the self-built shaft. Trailer with four axles and air suspension support for large units. Small and medium trailers are characterized by leaf spring suspension and series or triaxial. 

With the increasing importance of environmental factors, the demand for asphalt production in China is changing. "We see a huge boost from environmentally friendly mixing plants," said Lieven van Broekhoven, executive vice president of Amman. " 

Asphalt mixing plant is the main booster of the efficiency of the construction industry, is the production of hot mix asphalt (HMA) machine. 

HMA or asphalt concrete is mainly used in road construction, which is made of mixture, sand, stone powder and asphalt as binder in the mixing workshop. 

Batch production of hot mix asphalt produced by intermittent asphalt mixture factory is the most commonly used asphalt mixture factory in the world. 

The aggregate is weighed and fed into the dryer to remove moisture from the dryer. It is then filtered and divided by size, and the oversized components are removed before putting them into the hot box. 

According to the need, the silo is driven into the mixing device in batches, in which asphalt is added and mixed. 

The mixture is then stored in a shaft or discharged into a waiting truck and transported to the construction site. 

Each batch of products can be easily changed, which makes these factories most suitable for manufacturers who deal with multiple customers at the same time. 

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Continuous device, also known as drum device, on the other hand is to simplify and make asphalt in the continuous process. 

If all goes according to the local municipal authorities, the city's roads may not be scarred by potholes in the coming years. Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), which has begun laying white roads on major urban roads, has promised to provide better roads over the years and will soon build asphalt plants in the cities to deal with these long-standing potholes. 

BBMP has previously invited tenders for the establishment of two asphalt plants in London, which will supply asphalt mixture to asphalt mixture suppliers on a regular basis over the next five years. The company will issue a work order to the winning bidder within a week. 

According to BBMP, bidders will provide, install and commission 80 TPH capacity asphalt mixture batching plants at Chikkanagamangala in Anekal taluk and Kannoor villages, including the supply of laying equipment, dumpers / trucks and various asphalt mixtures. And carry out 5 years of operation and maintenance of the plant. 

"the bid has recently been approved at the government level and we will issue work instructions to bidders within a week," Praveen Lingaiah, executive engineer of the transport engineering unit, told New India KuaiBao. The installation of these plants may take three months, so they will be operational in June.

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