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Scientists have developed a large-scale economic method to extract hydrogen (H2) from oil sands (natural asphalt) and oil fields.This can be used to power hydrogen-powered cars, which are already being sold in some countries and can also be used to generate electricity; hydrogen is considered an efficient transport fuel, similar to gasoline and diesel, but without pollution problems. This process can extract hydrogen from existing oil sands reservoirs, and Canada and Venezuela are rich in existing reserves. Interestingly, this process can be applied to mainstream oil fields, allowing them to produce hydrogen instead of oil. 

Hydrogen-powered vehicles, including cars, buses and trains, have been developed for years. These tools are considered efficient, but the high price of extracting hydrogen from oil reserves means the technology is not economically viable. Now, a team of Canadian engineers has developed a cheap way to extract H2 from oil sands. They demonstrated the work at the Gold Schmidt Geochemistry Conference in Barcelona. 

(University of Calgary) Department of Chemical Engineering and Proton Technology Company (Proton Technologies Inc.), University of Calgary. Ian? 

Oil fields, even abandoned ones, still contain a lot of oil. The researchers found that injecting oxygen into the field raises the temperature and releases hydrogen, which can then be separated from other gases through a special filter. Hydrogen does not exist in the reservoir, but pumping oxygen means that a reaction can occur to produce hydrogen. 

Grant Stream, chief executive of Proton Technology, is commercializing the process. At the production level, we expect that we will be able to use the existing infrastructure and distribution chain to produce H2 at 10 to 50 cents per kilogram. This means that its potential cost is only a fraction of that of gasoline. By contrast, the current production cost of H2 is about US $2 per kilogram. About 5% of the hydrogen produced then powers the oxygen plant, so the cost of the system exceeds its own. 

Shell has launched a new asphalt product that they say can help reduce the impact of asphalt production and paving on local air quality. 

Asphalt Mixing Bitumen Equipmen

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Shell asphalt murals have been shown to help reduce emissions of specific gases and particles in asphalt mixtures during production and laying, by an average of 40%, compared with traditional asphalt, according to Shell. 

Jason Wong, Shell's vice president of global asphalt and sulfur, says road infrastructure is critical to modern life, but urbanization, denser transport and industrial activity have led to deterioration in local air quality. 

"the need for clean buildings and transport infrastructure requires that each industry make its own contribution to the development of cleaner ways of working." 

Increased research on better road durability and lower traffic noise-both of which are environmental problems-means that the market for rubber modified asphalt is growing.

At the same time, the raw material cost of asphalt, especially asphalt modified compounds, has increased significantly, creating another obstacle to cost-effective road construction. 

It is at stake to make roads more durable now and in the future. 

Within the EU, the number of cars per 1000 residents has more than doubled since 1975.According to statistics from the European Commission, truck shipments increased from about 1 trillion tons / km in 1990 to about 1.75 trillion tons / km in 2015. These developments pose a major challenge to the infrastructure of Europe. 

Hot Mix Bitumen Plan

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At the same time, asphalt mixtures containing rubber have been used in the United States for decades. Evonik, a global manufacturer of specialized chemicals, says long-term research has shown significant improvements in road durability. 

Switzerland Oman has invested mainly in the product range with new models for the 2016 100 'shape, QuickBatch and SolidBatch plants.Mobility is a key design feature of Prime 100 and QuickBatch factories. 

The '100 is a continuous plant capable of providing 100 tons per hour, and all its main components have a standard container in the slot. This is the latest in the Prime series and is smaller and more flexible than the existing Prime 140, with a capacity of 140 tons per hour. The company says the Prime 100 can be put into use quickly with minimal preparation and needs to be connected to an asphalt tank and a power supply to enable it to be put into use.

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