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EvoQuip, the latest division of Terex, will launch the Cobra 230 impact Crusher later this year to fight alongside the Cobra 260. The 24-ton machine will provide 140-150 tons per hour of asphalt and building recovery capacity.Cobra 230 is 11.3 meters long, 2.46 meters wide, or 5.15 meters wide, with a side conveyor belt. It has fast setup time and the machine can move in the field without stopping the crusher. 

Keestrack said that its new H4 crawler cone crusher is light in weight and compact in structure, has the characteristics of KT-H4 cone crusher and is suitable for installation.The fully automatic device can produce up to 250 tons / hour with a maximum feed size of 178 mm. A variety of grooves give a high degree of flexibility to the end parts of the secondary or tertiary production height. To optimize production, the plant can be equipped with a pre-screen with a thin chute to help increase production and reduce component wear. Its key feature is its high efficiency, three-layer secondary screen module and recovery conveyor for closed-circuit treatment. 

H4 uses a hybrid diesel-electric drive concept and is equipped with 345 kilowatts of diesel to meet the final emission requirements of level 4. It also has a 330 kV generator set and a 135 kW crusher e drive. Fuel consumption and maintenance can be reduced by using motors on screens and conveyor belts. In addition, the new fully hybrid version H4e allows all-electric operation through a power supply or an external generator set. The additional electric motor / hydraulic pump provides a hydraulically driven feeder, secondary screen, crawler and hydraulic cylinder. 

The company also offers its latest R3 and R5 crawler impact crushers. R3 weighs 33 tons, while R5 is a 55-ton machine. Both of them have common technical characteristics and active pre-screening characteristics, but also optional equipment, including magnetic separator, fine powder conveyor and secondary screening module with closed circuit operation. The unit adopts large and heavy rotor to drive the crusher directly, which has the advantages of high output and stable operation. The machine provides diesel hydraulic drive and modern load sensing hydraulic. The R5 can also be powered by hybrid diesel power, providing additional fuel savings of up to 25%. 

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"carbon dioxide emissions are a common problem for many intensive-energy industries, and any major measurement or secondary measure achieved can reduce carbon dioxide emissions is good," radius label Irina Celades Lopez said. Who is responsible for the sustainable development of the Ceramic Technology Institute in Castellon, a Spanish city. 

Atlas Concorde Spa, a ceramics company owned by Italy's Gruppo Concorde aircraft, is responsible for energy management. The company is a partner in the EU-funded project ETEKINA. It takes a lot of heat to make ceramics. We are trying to recover the waste heat to reduce our main expenditure, that is, natural gas. " 

The "fully recycled road", which is a kilometer long, is part of the A10 highway between Pons and Saint-Orbin in southwestern France. It was built by Eurovia and Vinci Autoroutes, two subsidiaries of Vinci Construction. 

"the old material is completely reprocessed so that the new road is in a mobile factory [edit: a factory can be moved anywhere]. Then the old supplies are made into new roads, "Eurovia Communications Director Maxence Naouri told FRANCE 24." 

Leonardo da Vinci said most of the resources used at the time were run over from previously built roads and that quarries were not used at any stage. As a result, this has reduced the company's use of natural resources, reduced its carbon footprint and "reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 50 per cent". 

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"trucks don't have to travel back and forth between quarries, which greatly reduces our carbon dioxide emissions," Naouri explained. "

The construction of mobile factories is critical to the success of the project, as it was not previously possible to produce 100 per cent recyclable asphalt mixtures outside conventional factories. As a result, 3000 tons of material for this one kilometre of road was created on site. 

This is certainly not the first time recycled materials have been used in road construction.In southern India, the potential for recycling waste into road materials has long been recognized. For example, reusable plastics are collected in landfills and sold to road maintenance companies. The plastic is then piled up in huge potholes that often appear on Indian roads and then soaked and ignited by gasoline. The plastic melts into the hole, fills the hole, and then hardens. 

Macr, a British company, recognized the international potential of the plastic solution and came up with "innovative ideas for mixing waste plastics into particles and adding them to enhanced asphalt roads". Since 2016, macr solutions have been using plastic to build roads from Australia to Dubai.

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