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AL Asphalt has submitted plans to build a new plant at the Great Lakes concrete base, but people in Hamburg have been opposed to building an asphalt plant from day one because they fear it may affect their quality of life. 

The company submitted a study indicating that emissions from the project would be below allowable standards and would have little impact on traffic and property values, but the board and the company disagreed on whether the project required further study. 

Officials at AL Asphalt said the plant met all the criteria for site selection, but board staff said the construction of the new plant met the criteria for "unlisted action", which would require further study. 

Drew Riley (Drew Reilly), a city planner, said the plan should be handled with caution in the approval process. "We made a conservative mistake and I don't think anyone would think it had a potential impact on the environment."

But Corey Auerbach, a lawyer representing AL Asphalt, insisted that the law required the planning board to approve the company's application. 

"if the Planning Board refuses to accept the specifications laid down by the municipal government for them, my clients can certainly seek additional remedies, but we believe that according to the study we have submitted, they will agree that we meet the authorization standards." 

The planning committee postponed the issue until October 16 to give board members and staff time to review the submitted AL asphalt study and decide whether they wanted to commission their own study. 

The meeting is about building a new asphalt factory there. 

For weeks, many people, including the mayor, have been openly opposed to moving the factory to town. 

Residents are worried about potential smells and even chemicals from factories. 

The law firm Barclay Damon represents AL Asphalt. They shared more details about the plan and their research on these issues. 

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Corey Auerbach (Corey Auerbach) of Barclays Dimon (Barclay Damon) said: "in the partition where the property is located, this use is explicitly allowed. DEC has determined that a facility of this size will not have a potentially significant impact on the environment. We believe that, through various studies, we have proved that we meet the four applicable standards of Hamburg and are entitled to on-site planning approval. " 

The next meeting is scheduled for next month.

The upgraded plant is now considered one of the most advanced plants in Europe and has a range of environmental benefits, including reduced energy consumption, carbon dioxide emissions and noise levels, as well as facilities to increase the amount of recycled asphalt pavement in the mixture. 

'This is the largest investment in our asphalt division in recent years and ensures the long-term future of our Arlington plant, 'said Dai (Gareth Day), managing director of Hansen UK Asphalt. 

He said the new plant increased production capacity by 250% and reduced energy consumption by 1/5. It also includes the installation of technologically advanced equipment to improve versatility and reliability so that we can switch products more quickly. 

"most importantly, as we strive to improve product quality, reliability and productivity, this investment will improve our service to our customers." Turnaround time will also be improved, which is a particularly important factor for us to attract customers. 

Hansen's asphalt plant in Arlington is supplied by its own depots and rail heads, reducing the amount of material transported to the site by road. The company has 14 employees and works for about 100 contractors throughout the project. 

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The two met at work, when they both worked for Darko's father's home heating oil and construction excavation company. These people see the economy rebounding and the need for concrete suppliers in the region, creating what Galofallo calls a "perfect storm". 

Although Dako is a novice in the ready-mixed food industry, Galofalo had some specific business experience early in his career. "Joe Casso and Vince Alesi taught me how the industry works, and Scott's father, Peter, helped us better understand the financial situation and how to run the business," Galofallo explained. " 

Richmond Ready Mix focuses on commercial and residential concrete supply and construction services. The company's territory covers all areas of Staten Island, as well as areas in Brooklyn and New Jersey. At first, the company produced an average of 200 to 250 yards of concrete a day, including seven mixers and a concrete factory. 

"at first it was just me, Scott and the other guy-we did everything from repairing to loading the material into the factory and then loading the truck. In less than a month, the situation was completely different. It quickly went from 0 miles per hour to 60 miles per hour. "

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